Welcome to the Colchester and Ipswich Group of Advanced Motorists

We are proud to serve North East Essex and Suffolk.
Become an Advanced Driver

Become an Advanced Driver

To hone your skills and become a safer, smoother and more aware driver. Drivers are guided to IAM test standard using individual observed runs. General training is available to everyone.
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About Us

We are drivers just like you, driving all types of vehicles and from all walks of life sharing a common aim to make us safer drivers, and to get the most out of our driving.
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CIGAM - The bigger picture

Formed on the 1st January 2022 with the amalgamation of the Colchester Group of Advanced Motorists, c.1984, and the Ipswich and Suffolk Advanced Motorists, c.1963, we are proud to serve North East Essex & Suffolk.

Advanced motorists should be able to use the roads in a safe, smooth and efficient manner at all times.

Through good Observation, sensible Anticipation and accurate Planning , combined with sound operation of their vehicle’s controls, they should enjoy a comfortable, progressive journey while maintaining safety.

Modern assistive aids such as satellite navigation systems, traction control systems, reversing cameras and auto park systems, are becoming more commonplace; used correctly, they can complement the skills of an advanced motorist and enhance the overall experience.

Appropriate use of such technology should therefore be encouraged. Combining well developed skills and understanding with developments in technology should make you into a ‘thinking motorist’ and create a safer more enjoyable experience.