About Us

Our programme includes theory training to run alongside your Advanced Driver observed drives and to benefit all group members after passing their test. Group nights may include guest speakers talking on various topics. Guests are always welcome. Upcoming Events

In addition, a regular newsletter is sent to every Colchester and Ipswich Group member. Newsletters

The cost of Colchester and Ipswich Group membership is:

First year associate membership is included in the Advanced Driver package, thereafter, associate membership is £15 per annum plus IAM national membership.

Full membership is £15 per annum plus IAM national membership.

Committee Members

ChairmanJames Bullock
Vice ChairmanIan Scott-Thompson
Honorary TreasurerMartin Watts
Group SecretarySarah Korimbocus
Membership SecretaryMaureen Cooling
Chief Observer
Minutes Secretary
Louisa Davenall
Ipswich Chief ObserverLes Selby
Associate CoordinatorBrian Davies
Events CoordinatorBarry Alexander
Newsletter CompilerJohn Holmes
Other Committee MembersAnn Hardwell
Ron O’Hare