What is Advanced Motoring

The bigger picture

Advanced motorists should be able to use the roads in a safe, smooth and efficient manner at all times.

Through good Observation, sensible Anticipation and accurate Planning (OAP), combined with sound operation of their vehicle’s controls, they should enjoy a comfortable, progressive journey while maintaining safety.

Modern assistive aids such as satellite navigation systems, traction control systems, reversing cameras and auto park systems, are becoming more commonplace; used correctly, they can complement the skills of an advanced motorist and enhance the overall experience.

Appropriate use of such technology should therefore be encouraged. Combining well developed skills and understanding with developments in technology should make you into a ‘thinking motorist’ and create a safer more enjoyable experience.

Personal qualities or behaviours of an Advanced Motorist

  • To put safety first in all driving judgements
  • Remain calm and considerate of others at all times
  • Always maintain concentration while driving
  • Manage any external influences and distractions
  • Change their plans if any factor is likely to impair their performance or decision making
  • Consistently evaluate their own performance, with a view to retaining and developing their skills
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