Meetings and Events

We are continually reviewing the possibility of holding physical group meetings and dependant on how government advice changes we will reassess our position throughout the year

We hold monthly meetings alternating between the third Tuesday of the month for Colchester and the third Wednesday of the month for Ipswich

All members are welcome to join our Zoom meetings, and also both venues once physical meetings resume

Zoom details will be made available a few days before the meeting

2022 Events

Tuesday 18th January Zoom Introduction to our Committee and Observers
Wednesday 16th February ZoomUltimate Driving Craft 3 – Eyes on Main Beam
Tuesday 15th March Colchester
Wednesday 20th April Ipswich
Tuesday 17th May Colchester
Wednesday 15th June Ipswich
Tuesday 19th July Colchester
Wednesday 17th August Ipswich
Tuesday 20th September Colchester
Wednesday 19th October Ipswich
Tuesday 15th November Colchester
Wednesday 21st December Ipswich