Rule 206

Drive carefully and slowly when

  • in crowded shopping streets, Home Zones and Quiet Lanes (see Rule 218) or residential areas
  • driving past bus and tram stops; pedestrians may emerge suddenly into the road
  • passing parked vehicles, especially ice cream vans; children are more interested in ice cream than traffic and may run into the road unexpectedly
  • needing to cross a pavement, cycle lane or cycle track; for example, to reach or leave a driveway or private access. Give way to pedestrians on the pavement and cyclists using a cycle lane or cycle track
  • reversing into a side road; look all around the vehicle and give way to any pedestrians who may be crossing the road
  • turning at road junctions; you should give way to pedestrians who are crossing or waiting to cross the road into which or from which you are turning
  • going through road works or when passing roadside rescue and recovery vehicles, as there may be people working in or at the side of the road
  • the pavement is closed due to street repairs and pedestrians are directed to use the road
  • approaching pedestrians on narrow rural roads without a footway or footpath. Always slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary, giving them plenty of room as you drive past
  • approaching zebra and parallel crossings as you MUST give way to pedestrians and cyclists on the crossing (see Rule 195)
  • approaching pedestrians who have started to cross the road ahead of you. They have priority when crossing at a junction or side road so you should give way (see Rule H2).

Law TSRGD schedule 14 Part 5

Rule 206: Watch out for children in busy areas