Rule 290

Road works may contain features that require extra care.

  • Narrow lanes. Lanes may be narrower than normal and will be marked by studs or temporary road markings. Keep a safe distance (see Rule 126) from the vehicle in front and make sure you can clearly see the edges of the lane ahead.
  • Contraflow systems. These mean that you may be travelling in a narrower lane than normal and with no permanent barrier between you and oncoming traffic. At the start and finish of contraflows, you should slow down and increase the distance to the vehicle in front because changes in the camber of the road may affect vehicle stability.
  • Breakdown advice. If your vehicle breaks down in road works, follow Rules 275, 277 and 278 but be aware that areas marked off by cones contain significant hazards. Where available, you should move your vehicle into a signed road works refuge location. Signs indicate where dedicated recovery services are provided.